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Consulting Tech Startups

Our consultants will help you build your tech startup into a global industry leader.

The challenge

Things get confusing when more companies are involved in a single project.

Why don't you let us tell you what you need and go get it for you?

What do we do exactly?

We are constantly evolving and learning, so we cannot list everything we are able to do for you, but here is an overview.

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Strategy and Planning

We help you define the right goals for your startup business and develop strategies, according to your capabilities and resources, to achieve them.

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Technology Selection and Software Engineering

We help you to find the right technology for your business’s specific needs. From web and mobile development, through DevOps, up to embedded and system software.

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Business Structure Development

Usually, startups have to perform multiple items concurrently. Our Consultants can support you in the definition and execution of the major critical steps in the early stages of your business.

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Marketing and Promotion

Before promoting your products or services, for every startup, it is essential to prepare a clear brand message. Then marketing segmentation, target audience isolation, and marketing campaigns come easy.

Reasons to work with us

We do our best so that our clients can do more.


We value the honesty and integrity in a relationship. We keep our word and never compromise our values.


Inefficient systems can cause damage in an indirect way. This is why we first look for the efficient solution.


We are coming back from where you are heading to and we would love it if you choose us to show you the way.

Built around your suggestions

We strictly follow your suggestions and requirements, with the goal in mind to make your job easier.

Meanwhile, I am ready to start a new project with Arakt