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Web development service

Features included

What our work includes, and what you will be guaranteed to get.

Newest technologies

We use the latest back- and frontend technologies, but if you prefer older versions, that is ok too.

Layered architecture

We develop our clients' project in layers, so that later on it is easier for them to maintain.


The project is divided into modules, which can be replaced and/or changed in later stages with ease.


We know that an app is accessed from all kinds of devices, this is why its' responsiveness is of great importance.

Integrated plugins

Plugins of a wordpress or a non-wordpress app allow a great customization, from our or from your side.

Friendly support

We will be at your disposal whenever you need us and will guide you through every problem.

Some of the technologies that we use

Even if we are not familiar with the technology that you prefer, tell us about it, we learn fast.

Meanwhile I am ready to start a new project with Arakt